Review for Final: Class Cab III

Here are the study questions for the final.  Remember it’s on Wed, May 26 at 2:30 pm.  Bring a scantron and pencil.

  1. What were the four primary functions of art before our modern era?
  2. What makes something art?  What separates it from the every day?
  3. What do modern audiences often expect from art?
  4. What four discoveries and changes in thinking encouraged new direction in art?
  5. Are there different levels of art?  (Guernica vs Green Marilyn; On the Waterfront vs Ghosts of Girlfriends Past; Wheatfield with Crows vs The Melody)  Is it only personal opinion or are there standards?
  6. What new title can we give a meaningful modern artist?
  7. What did Symbolist art celebrate?
  8. What two artists are considered the two greatest of the twentieth century?
  9. Which artist said I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them?
  10. Which artist is famous for continually and successfully changing his style?
  11. What painting by Picasso is often called the greatest painting of the twentieth century?
  12. What is cubism about?
  13. What famous artist is known for his sensuous use of color and line?
  14. What famous artist was confined to a wheelchair late in life, and so had to use paper cut outs to make his works?
  15. Can you tell from their work (and lives) who liked women better: Edvard Munch or Gustav Klimt?
  16. How did America react to the Armory Show in 1913?
  17. Which work was especially hated?
  18. What is Dada?
  19. Why is Man Ray’s iron with nails in it (The Gift) a good example of Dada art?
  20. Which surrealist was the inspiration for many artists, poets and video game makers?
  21. What is Rene Magritte’s Person Values about?
  22. What is Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory about?
  23. What are two other names for Abstract Expressionism?
  24. Who was the most famous Abstract Expressionist?
  25. Why didn’t Mark Rothko ultimately accept the Seagram’s commission?
  26. What was Mark Rothko trying to communicate with his works?
  27. What is Andy Warhol famous for?
  28. Robert Rauschenberg invented combines.  What is a combine?
  29. Are artists different?  If so, what qualities do they possess? Is it just that they have more or less of something or are they completely different?
  30. We’ve seen a constant change in style over the last 100 years.   Why?   Do we change first, or does the style?
  31. We don’t need art to survive, so why is it so important in our lives and in our culture?