Review for Quiz 2: Class Cab II

There will be 25 multiple choice questions,  just like before.  Please bring a scantron and pencil.  You may leave after it is completed.  If you can answer all these questions you’ll do great on Quiz 2!

Alexander Calder

  1. What early experience shaped his life?
  2. Who was Josephine Baker?
  3. What two things did he have in his pocket at parties?
  4. What amazing story was told about his Harvard show?
  5. What is he credited with inventing?
  6. What happened in Grand Rapids Michigan when he was hired?
  7. How did he change the nature of sculpture?
  8. What were his large “stable” sculptures called?

Cai Guo Qiang

  1. What national event was Cai hired to open?
  2. What was spread over the old ship in his installation Reflection?
  3. Why did he take pictures of himself holding a mushroom cloud?
  4. What was the point of making a “Wailing Wall” out of 400 cars?
  5. Why did he make an airplane out of confiscated objects from airport security?
  6. Why did he fill a room with crabs and sand?

Elements of Theater/Wrong Trousers

  1. What are the six elements of theater?
  2. What is deus ex machine?
  3. What recurring prop occurs in The Wrong Trousers?

Checklist for Movies

  1. What is mise-en-scene?
  2. What is a leitmotif?
  3. What is intertextuality?

On The Waterfront

  1. Who were the Hollywood Ten?
  2. What is a black list?
  3. What motivation would Elia Kazan have for making On the Waterfront?
  4. What do you notice about the opening and closing shot in the film?
  5. Why shoot through fences, against bricks, in alleys?
  6. What does Joey’s jacket symbolize?
  7. What is decided in the taxicab between the two brothers and why?
  8. What do we hear when Terry tells Edie about his part in the murder of her brother?
  9. Was the film based on a true story?
  10. What was the “antecedent action” for Terry?
  11. What is the “inciting incident” in the film?
  12. What is the “climax” in the film?
  13. What is the “resolution” in the film?
  14. What is the “thought” in the film?