Word of the Day

5/4  Distinct

Be prepared to be distinct.  That is what sets today’s artists apart and it is why you are in school.  Work hard and be alert and you will succeed in this.

3/2  Excelsior

I hope you enjoyed the art portion of this class. I will see you again in May.  Until then,  keep looking and keep learning!

2/28  Fresh

Picasso saw that the world is a very complex place.  He knew that every experience requires a novel response.   Beware of artists and ideas that follow a comfortable formula.

2/23  Open

Van Gogh desperately wanted  to share  his own brilliant vision of the world.  Unfortunately, his work was so different that no one was interested. It is easy to ridicule what we don’t understand.

2/16   Remake

Art remakes the world.  It twists the expected into new shapes and so presents a new reality. This can be funny, exciting, or very dangerous.

2/14 Access

We are like icebergs; most of us (the most dangerous part) doesn’t show. Art helps us to be aware of unseen issues in ourselves and others.

2/9  Immediacy

We are all easily distracted; so eager to run to the next moment that we don’t notice the one we’re in.  Art helps us to experience the present.  We used the example of a baby eating pudding (or cake and ice cream with scissors, as my nephew did) to show complete immersion in the present experience. Life is just more fun that way.

2/7  Courage
Artists need courage to look past the superficial to “significant form” (Clive Bell).

1/26  Connection

Andy Wood drove 3,000 miles without needing to utter more than five words (Andy Wood, Andy Wood & sauce).  What does that say about our modern world?  Art can be a remedy for this isolation.  It  not only connects us with the artist, but with wider human concerns.