Review for Quiz: Class Cab 

The art quiz is MARCH 2.  It is 25 questions.  Please bring a scantron sheet and a pencil.  You may leave after you have completed it.

Class Cab is a little different than Cash Cab;  your destination is a good grade, not an address in New York City.  In order to arrive we need to answer all of these questions correctly.  You may use your notes and you may “shout out” to a classmate.

Good Luck!

Week 1:  Why Study Art & Talking About Art

  1. How many words did the researcher need to use when he crossed the country by car?
  2. What was the focal point in Edward Hopper’s Office at Night?
  3. Why study art?
  4. What three categories do we use to talk about art? (Yeah, ok, they’re below)
  5. What is formal analysis?
  6. What is iconographic analysis?
  7. What is contextual analysis?
  8. Name some visual elements.
  9. What do visual elements do for a work of art?
  10. When talking about art, what does the word medium mean?

Week 2:  Visual Elements

  1. What kind of line do we see in Edward Munch’s The Scream?
  2. Why did I choose Jacob Lawrence to illustrate shape and form?
  3. In what part of my portrait of my son did I use texture?  Why?
  4. Masaccio’s The Tribute Money is a good example of what kind of perspective?
  5. What is foreshortening?
  6. What happens to the background in atmospheric perspective?
  7. What is intuitive perspective?

Week 3:  Value

  1. What is another name for chiaroscuro?
  2. What is the definition of value?
  3. What is tenebrism?
  4. What is trompe l’oeil?

Week 4:  Color

  1. What is the definition of hue?
  2. What is the definition of intensity?
  3. What are the primary colors?
  4. What are complementary colors? (You don’t have to name them)
  5. What is non-local color?
  6. What is an analogous color scheme?
  7. What is optical mixing?
  8. How do artists use color to create depth?

Week 4:  Iconographic & Contextual Analysis

  1. Are artists always aware of the symbols in their work?
  2. What does the dog symbolize in Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding?
  3. What is Caravaggio’s Boy Being Bitten by a Lizard really about?
  4. What is a vanitas painting?
  5. What does memento mori mean?
  6. Why don’t we see the heads of the government officials in Norman Rockwell’s The Problem We All Live With?
  7. What is the meaning of Jasper John’s Target with Four Faces?
  8. What is the story behind Theodore Gericault’s painting Raft of the Medusa?
  9. What is the story behind Pablo Picasso’s Guernica?
  10. Why is Guernica painted primarily in black and white?

Modern Art

  1. What four discoveries and changes in thinking encouraged new direction in art?
  2. What did Van Gogh believe his mission to be?
  3. What is Van Gogh famous for?
  4. Who said I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them?
  5. What painting by Picasso is often called the greatest painting of the 20th century?
  6. What can art do for you?

Bonus Question:  Can you believe how much you’ve already learned about art?